Facilitation of workplace safety review.

On March 9th, 2018, in association with the Department of Preventative and Social Medicine at the Otago University in Dunedin, Southern Workplace Safety facilitated a group of 8 Occupational Nurses in a visit to a Non Ferrous foundry in Dunedin. A group tour through this workplace allowed students to see first hand and to speak with workers and under take review of how the business managed Occupational Health and Safety related issues, such as silica sand for molding, noise, fatigue, vibration syndrome, and blood lead monitoring from the work being undertaken was examined.  2 different types of molten metal pours were viewed.  Aluminium and bronze pours highlighted the need for different approaches to safety including PPE.
A great learning exercise was experience by all, including staff who received  feedback, and the business now awaits a findings report from the group.

This is the second year that the University has engaged with Southern Workplace Safety to facilitate learning through this hands on approach of active participation.

My thanks to Associate Professor David McBride, facilitating the visit.