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Full Service Provider

Finding an acceptable solution to your business needs is the beginning of our relationship service.

We will work with you to determine the levels of risk that need to be managed, and present you with a plan. With Practical Health and Safety experience since 1997, we also have extensive access to associates on specialised subjects and solutions. This includes Contractor ManagementAccident Investigation and Workplace System Auditing

At the heart of our service, and the point of difference is our ongoing relationship with you on your journey to success.

We can demystify compliance into a simple to follow implementation plan with support as necessary to ensure you achieve your business needs. We can supply training to NZQA levels to ensure your staff continue to be competent in their work practices, and are skilled in the use of their plant and equipment. 

We are able to assist you to meet contractor pre qualification processes, with such organisations as Site Wise, Impac Pre-Qual and ISNetWorld, and HSE.

Try us, you will like us.

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Contractor Management

With overlapping duties, the engagement of contractors can be a mine field of legal issues. We can help you with site specific safety plans, inductions, and accreditation processes and auditing of performance.

Don’t leave it to chance over contractor selection, use our proven process refined constantly since 1997 from my invovement in the construction industry.

Auditing of workplace systems

Assurance is the peace of mind of knowing that activities happening with your sites, are being done well by both staff and contractors. An independent review can be undertaken on any aspect of your contractors, workplaces of subdivisions. With hands on auditing skills, a complete review of worksite activities can provide you with written and supportive evidence of the delivery of environmental, quality and safety aspects of your job. 

Accident Investigations

We provide a full suite of investigations services, including liaison with Worksafe, and written reports. With proven investigation qualifications and experience to draw on we are well placed to assist you in a time of need.

Kevin and his industry associates can design and present to your staff, training programmes which are approved by the Industry Training organisation “Connexis.”.  Competency and qualifications are achieved in either short course or longer National Certificate. This will allow your business to demonstrate attributes to clients.

ConstructSafe qualifying courses can be run in small groups at your workplace, or for your leadership team accident investigation courses can be tailored. With 21 years Construction experience, Kevin brings a hands on approach and with his associates from plant and vehicle backgrounds we can ensure a high standard of learnings are achieved. 

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